Here you will find local Pagan Priests, wedding officiants, psychic readers, teachers, and other spiritual council

I provide tarot card readings for insight, guidance, and entertainment, bringing this age-old practice to modern times 

Available in person, in the Middletown and serving the Dayton,Cincinnati Ohio areas, as well as Covington and Ludlow, Kentucky. I am also available for readings over the phone, or video chat or e-mail.

Located in Cincinnati, OH, Rev. Brian S. Morgan has 25 plus years experience in magick and witchcraft. A devoted Priest of the Celtic Goddess the Morrigan, he is trained and has been initiated in various traditions which include Ceremonial Magick, Celtic Magick, Alexandrian Witchcraft, Runes, Egyptian Magick, Shamanism and Tibetan Buddhism.

He will teachings From the basics to the advanced form of magick. He does guided meditation and astral workings. Visit his website for more information on his background and services.

His services include

Magickal Teachings - Wedding Officiant - Rune Readings - House Blessings/ Clearings

Ellen Parker (aka Sagewoman)

Ellen has served as a gypsy fortune-teller at The Ohio Renaissance Festival for 20 seasons.  Her experience as a tarot

reader obviously goes back before that.  Actually, she was on board at Victory of Light Psychic Festival when it started.  In addition to tarot card gifts, Ellen has mediumship abilities and has participated in Camp Chesterfield, IN classes.  She attended two International Spiritualist Federation conferences near Bristol, England and one in Rochester, NY.

She currently hosts a psychic circle in her home in Bridgetown.  For many years she has held The Circle of the Seasons, a pagan group who honors the seasons of the year through ritual, feasting, and fellowship.  In addition to being an anointed priestess, Ellen serves her community as an ordained minister and officiates at handfastings, legal weddings and other spiritual events

Debbie Lewis

My name is Debbie . Ive been studying the occult for over 16 years. From Haitian voodoo , witchcraft, indian magick and much more. My anchestory is very rooted in magickal practices. Tarot is my divinition of choice. Some would call my readings psychic readings. Because i pull my information from not only this realm but the astral realm as well. Part of my ability is also derived from my empathetic abilities . I also am a advid reader of energy which goes hand in hand with my empathetic abilities. This has been a gift ive had since i was a child. But fully blossemed when i got my first tarot deck when i was fifteen , that i still use to this day. I am also the organizer for The Devine Witch . which is a group located in middletown ohio . where like minded individuals of the occult come together. Which you can find on facebook.

Maegdlyn Morris LPCC

I offer telehealth throughout the state of Ohio, with a focus on increasing access to the Medicaid community. About Our unique stories equip us with specific challenges and sometimes with problematic coping skills. When burdened with depression, anxiety, difficult situations, or other struggles, it can seem impossible to escape those challenges. Sometimes our very identity comes into question and it takes tremendous courage and strength to face such existential questions. The healing process involves recognizing our potential to overcome challenges, and to begin the process of building holistic contentment in all parts of our life. Seeking help can be one of the most difficult parts of this process. As a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, I strive to create an environment conducive to developing unconditional positive self-regard, in which you are given the tools that you can use to explore, define and resolve the concerns that you bring to the table. My therapeutic process is warm, welcoming, and validating of all walks of life. I am a sex-positive therapist, and affirming to those in the LGBTQ+, kink, poly, and consensual non-monogamy communities, as well as to the pagan community .

Call or Email Maegdlyn Morris for a free 15 minute consultation now

My name is Maria Shell and I am a Wiccan High Priestess with over 30 years of experience. I am also the Owner/Operator of Baba Yaga’s Hut, an online spiritual products and services business since 2017, and Author of the book “Reflections: Grimoire of a Modern Witch. Most recently, I have begun to act as a spiritual mentor through my new online portal, the Magickal Mastermind Program.

I wear many hats in life: Licensed Pagan Clergy, Tarot and Oracle Reader, Professional Chef. Certified H’opono Pono Instructor, Certified Sacred Ceremonial Facilitator, Expert in Ritual Design.and most importantly, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, and new Great Grandmother.

I have been practicing Magick for 30+ years and my style of worship can loosely be described as Eclectic Wicca. Five years ago, I received a series of prophetic dreams that have led me on a path of service to the whole, one of walking with the God/Goddess's guidance full time and helping to awaken others to their Divine Truths in this moment of great awakening. Each of us has something to contribute to the salvation of mankind and Mother Earth, and I am a stewardess of the sacred mysteries that will allow us to ascend to greater levels of consciousness and transformation.

We offer custom made spells, pagan decor and psychic readings are also available. Owned and operated by, Amanda Newbury, internationally known professional Psychic Medium who has had the ability to connect with spirit since childhood.

 I strive to help all couples create the ceremony that represents the partnership they are are building into the future

I'm a Wedding Consultant and Officiant licensed in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and California, using my numerous skills to put together custom ceremonies that will honor the traditions of generations or new ones you've created for your unique family. 

(859) 813-4031 

Lady Angharad

Accurate, psychic readings by Lady Angharad, through a handmade set of maple bark runes. 
Reading professionally since 1996.

My readings are done with rune “stones”. I used the bark of a lightening felled maple tree to make my set. The markings are the letters in the Norse alphabet. Inscriptions on natural stones and carved stele in this language are found everywhere the Germanic-Celtic peoples that used this system of writing traveled.