Local Groups

Organizations & Non-Profits


The OPA goal is to support and unite, through love and inclusion, our regional pagan community. We serve our local pagan communities providing resources in the areas of education, pastoral care, outreach, political activism, legal issues and regional events. We empower the bringing of awareness of pagan issues, and networking with our greater communities.

Appalachian Pagan Ministry is a pan-pagan ministry devoted to building an engaged, passionate, and spiritually fulfilled community of people from all backgrounds and faiths. We are devoted to engaging and impacting one another and others, believing it is our responsibility to set an example of service

"The Christians have a term, "witnessing your faith", and I feel that it is a term just as relevant to those of us who follow pagan paths Hate comes from fear, and fear comes from ignorance. The only way to eradicate hate is to educate, and the best way to educate is by example, not talk."-- Rev. Donna Donovan

Butler County Pagan Gatherings is a prominent local hub for all things pagan in The Tri-State. We fully embrace the vision that our lives are enriched by a shared sense of belonging, and meaning. We understand that in a welcoming, inclusive space, we can be free together to find the sacred everywhere, and realize our individual and collective power.

A local CUUPS (Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans) chapter and interest group at MVUUF (Miami Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship) in Dayton, OH. All Chalice of the Willow events are open to the entire MVUUF community and community at-large.

The Dayton Pagan Coalition is a non-profit organization of pagans living in and around Dayton.We host a number of events and workshops, along with providing a local network for pagans to find and support each other.

The Devine Witch is a pagan organization based out of Middletown, Ohio. We are a collective group of individuals who follow different paths under the paganism umbrella. We acknowledge each  path is unique and  a personalized experience. Our mission is to create a safe place for pagans to gather and expand their knowledge. While creating events that highlight the local and surrounding pagan communities. Our motto here at The Devine Witch is ''Where the crossroads meet". Which means, no matter what crossroads we are at in our lives. We will work to uplift our community to expand and grow while giving  a safe space  to call home.



Coven of the Ravens Moonbeams

A group of Pagans that enjoys spending time with like minded people. Our goal is unite the local tri-State Pagan community with understanding & acceptance. We teach new beginners to initiation and celebrate the sabbats.

Coven of the Otherworld

Greetings & Salutations! We are an eclectic coven based in Alexandrian Witchcraft. We welcome all forms and levels of witchcraft. Our goal with this coven is to have a close knit, family of like-minded individuals as well as have a support group for those that like to share ritual space and talk openly about the practice.

We have a written course of generalized witchcraft for beginners to take and work through. It will guide you through the basics, the history, ritual and spell work. When completed, we conduct an initiation ceremony for the practitioner. We can also teach advanced levels for those looking to learn something new.

If you would like to know more or set up a time to meet with us, feel free to email us.



The Mead Hall is a Columbus Ohio based group centered on honoring the Gods / Goddesses, and Ancestors of Indo-Europe (Nordic / Germanic) people. We are an independent group that gathers monthly for Blót or Symbol, or as our Holy tides and availability dictate. Our Hall members meet regularly at pubs or coffee shops to celebrate our lives and those within the larger Asatru community.


Fiach Croí Hearth

Fiach Croí Hearth (Raven Heart Hearth) Is a local Cincinnati group devoted to Celtic Paganism, mainly Irish Celts. We meet up biweekly to study the Irish (Gaelic) language, learning Ogham, book reviews, honor Irish Celtic gods, and the overall workings of Celtic pagan spirituality. You don’t have to have Irish blood to join us, just the heart to follow the Celtic path and the desire to learn. Sláinte!



Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Sword and Serpent Oasis is a chartered body of Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) located in the Valley of Dayton, Ohio. We are a community of men and women united in our pursuit of the knowledge and accomplishment of our “True Will”, defined as the one perfect and unique path for each individual. We are focused on the active embodiment of Thelema, in line with the principles of O.T.O. Our goals are to propagate and promote the principles of Thelema, to provide a gateway towards initiation into the O.T.O. for those who seek it, and to devote our activities to education and practice. To this end, we regularly celebrate the Gnostic Mass, our central public ritual, and we also sponsor classes and other opportunities for learning and fellowship among the initiates. "Love is the law love under Will"


Circle of the Seasons

The Circle of the Seasons is a pagan group who honors the seasons of the year through ritual, feasting, and fellowship.  They celebrate the Sabbats as a public gathering at a private home. They do an annual charity  drive for the Krohn Conservatory during the Butterflies of the World exhibit.