We strive to help support and bring the community together so if you own, operate or are just a one person business we would like to see you added to our directory of pagan resources. We definitely list spiritual shops, readers and clergy but will also list all other types of businesses too. This can be things like carpentry, hair dressers, doctors, realtors etc. As long as it's ran by pagans it qualifies. All of the business we list are for those that are "in person" services. We will only list web based stores if you also do festival vending or in person selling.

    If you would like to be added to our directory of pagan resources as a group, business or for an event please contact us with the following information

            - Name of Person or business

            - A brief bio, 150 words or less

            - A Web link to your website or Facebook page

            - Some form of contact information (email, phone number etc.)

    If you have any other questions or just need some information about the Ohio Valley Pagan Society please feel free to contact us here or directly through our email.          


Thanks! Message sent.