Saturday August 6th 12:00pm - 8:00pm
Mt. Airy Forest: Stone Steps Picnic Shelter
5083 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45223

Celebrating 10 years of the OVPS!

Come out and join us for some pagan fun. Welcome to our annual Pagan Pride Picnic. After having 2 years off due to covid, it will be a great return. This is a family friendly, social event celebrating paganism and for the pagan community to get together, meet new people, networking and grow as a whole.

FREE to attend! No admission or sign up required.

This is a potluck, so feel free to bring a dish, food, desserts, beverages, plastic wear, or whatever you feel like bringing. Alcohol is allowed at the event.


-We will be hosting a community Lughnasadh ritual at 5:00pm. Everyone is welcomed to attend. You are invited to wear your ritual close and be apart of it.

FYI: All food and beverages that are placed on and around the main picnic tables will be considered free and for every to consume. So, if you bring something you don’t wish for everyone to have access to, keep it out from this area.


-There will be a drum circle starting when ever the first drummer decides to make a beat. Feel free to bring your drums or other musical instruments and join in.


-The Pagan Pride Picnic will be held at Mt. Airy Forest at the Stone Steps Picnic Shelter. We have signs set up throughout the park leading the way.

Building Community through Unity

Mt. Airy Forest: Stone Steps Shelter
5083 Colerain Ave,
Cincinnati, OH 45223